doc-message - international

doc-message is currently available only for german speaking countries

We know well about the demand for our sms-communication-tool in other languages and countries.

Keeping customers up-to-date in a very service-oriented way by SMS/Text-Messages has proven as a effective means to save valuable time and avoidable costs while at the same time enhancing customer-satisfaction. There is hardly any doctors office, clinic, pharmacy, physiotherapy-studio etc. that wouldnt profit from including our tool doc-message in their business-process in many ways.


International lincence & distribution partners are welcome

Making an online-service available for different countries is not only about translating it into other languages. It is much more about building the structures for distribution, administration, support, IT-/mobile-backend and many other topics. 

As it is our principle to provide the same high-quality service that we offer our german-speaking customers and countries, we are not willing to introduce our services in new countries as long as the setting isnt perfect enough to grant that our new foreign customers will be fully satisfied.

We strongly believe in synergy. So besides building an online-service that is internationally operated soley by ourselfs, we are always open for the option of building partnerships with established partners in other countries to both profit from each ressources and strenghts.

If you are interested in becoming a future partner of us - that could be as a lincensee, who exclusively operates doc-message all by himself in his country; or as a distribution partner, who has excellent access to the branch for an exclusive or non-exclusive distribution -, we are glad to hear from you and find out in which ways we could possibly cooperate.